Though you abused my trust,

And then abused my body,

I am not a Victim.


Though my eyes are red from crying,

And my heart black and blue with bruise,

I am not a Victim.


Even though you stole everything,

Stripped me from my pride and dignity,

I am not a Victim.


You may have beat me till I was down,

Left nothing but a shell of a man I was,

But I am not a Victim.


If I say I was a Victim you’d have won,

You would know that you defeated me,

So forever I am not your Victim.


  • Goldfinch60

    Good strong write, defying bullies will show them to be the cowards they are.

  • Poetic Dan

    Mental mind is the key hero inside us all there is!
    Great stuff

  • Neville

    Crumbs..... this is without doubt my favourite Poetic Biscuit poem to date


  • Fay Slimm.

    The best of attitudes to take is the mantra you penned and so well that this lesson will stay long after the read.

  • Christina8

    I wanted to stand and applaud!! This is awesome, and this will definitely go in my favorites, biscuit!!

  • dusk arising

    Amazing spunk in this! Really can relate to this stand.

    Having read your previous work on MPS i can begin to see the strength of character running through it all now.

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