Philip Daniel Cook

A Big Fish In The Small Tank

 I am not special or unique.

What I find is I am only me.

Not too attractive, or too sure.

What if I was yours.


There to stay and I was your

forever and it wasn't creepy....

that a fish could be a human?


And your love for me was strong,

and you were confident in what

you knew all along.


" Only a person with too much in my own security ocean. "


And I'm living in a fairy tale.

That's how I wished, upon a star

on a day I felt like the enchanted kiss.


It is only a dream.

A fantasy built, from the castles

of my wealth.


When I was young I kept believing....

but it was always the same.

Like for when I start to dream

it is only a dream.

I'll take it in, as my health
to swim with you in this place.
In my bed of coral rocks and
sand pebbles.

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