0.  Im 31 and never been Pregnant - yet !

1.  Once - I*ve visited the Niagara Falls - awesome

2.  Twice - I*ve bought myself a new Computer

3.  MARCH - my fave Month  EASTER - my fave Season

4.  Times I*ve visited Andalucia (Spain) with BRIAN

5.  Times I*ve dated the wrong MAN !

6.  Times I*ve won a Medal for Sailing !

7.  Times I*ve wished I lived in New Zealand

8.  Times I*ve wished I had met BRIAN ten years earlier (25 & 21)

9.  My favourite brands of Rioja Wines - Perfection !

10.  COMMANDMENTS - I try to live by !

11.  Pairs of SHOES - Average price £30 per pair - OK ?

12.  A DOZEN reasons to thank GOD for each day !

13.  TIMES - I have visited Central & South America.


Thanks for visiting - comments please - Love ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡 


  • orchidee

    A fine write B&A.


      Thanks UNCLE STEVE - Pleased you enjoyed it ! Please note that I dont waste money on Designer Shoos (£400 per pair !) by Jimmy Choo !

      Blessings to You & Cuddly Cur
      Love ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

      • orchidee

        Oohh I do - I must get some new high heels. Eh?! lol.

      • Goldfinch60

        Same reply as yesterday

        1. I have lived a lifetime of fulfilment.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks UNCLE ANDY - ANGELA here ! Brian & I do like to live life to the FULL ! We like to travel while we are still single because we realise that when we start our Family (2022 ?) we will be much more restricted ! You are an example to us all with the positive and cathartic way in which you have supported JOYCE and we all know you will have no regrets for your actions only for the sadness caused by Joyces dementia. You are an inspiartion to us all. BRIAN & I have been strengthened by our 15 month separation but we still live *Life to the Full* I in NZ & Brian in the UK - that was our agreement ! I apologise that I may have deleted an earlier response ?

          Blessing & Peace & Love to YOU & JOYCE
          Yours ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡💙🧡💙🧡

        • Fay Slimm

          And what an adventurous life it has been so far my friend - - loved the confession of so many shoes and their prices - can beat you at that but am not spilling beans - - ha - - an exciting read Angela and thank you for sharing your well written life-sonnet.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Thanks for your comments FAY ! BRIAN & I are both very blessed to be able to travel extensively and we realise when we start our Family (2022 ?) we will be much more restricted ! Because we spend so much on Travel (always money well spent) Briam & I like to be a bit more frugal in our clothing budget. I wear flat shoes or trainers (not provided by the NHS !) for work so I only have three pairs of heels for social occasions. My MUM always buys me a special pair of Shoes each Christmas ! Working in the Health Service we often get discounts for Dresses etc ! While we are still young & single - Brian & I like to live life to the FULL !

            Blessings & Peace & Love
            Yours - ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

          • Santita

            13 times to South & Central Americas - plus 5 wrong men -- sounds like a life well lived! May your list continue to grow in happiness.

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              Gracias SANTITA ! Cincos Hombres malos en 31 anos es OK - Si on Non ? But now I have found BRIAN - Un Caballero muy Bueno y muy Guapo. Mi Padre es ESPANOL and I travelled to South & Central America with My Parents to promote Rioja Wines ! I have been to Mexico (PUEBLA) with Brian. I will be a *Stay at home Mum* soon (2022 ?) so I have to make hay while the Sun shines !

              Abrazos y Besos y Amor
              ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

            • ForeverJesus6

              This is a nice piece that you had written. I enjoyed reading it.
              Keep writing.
              Persistence is key

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                Pleased your enjoyed it DION ! BRIAN & I realise we are both very blessed to have travelled so extensively while we are still under 40 ! Brian has an ambition to *overnight* in every State of the USA (He's half way there !) and I to visit every South & Central American Country ! When we are married (2020) and have Children travel to exotic Countries (like India - China - Japan etc) will be more difficult. So we are living *Life to the Full* while we can !

                Blessings & Peace & Love in JESUS
                ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡💙🧡💙🧡

                • ForeverJesus6

                  If you do, try going to Belize. It is beyond Beautiful there.
                  Persistence iskey

                • Suresh

                  So that's almost 1/3 of your life, and a I'm sure is only a scratch on the surface. I can just imagine the wonders that await you going forward.

                  • ANGELA & BRIAN

                    THANKS SURESH - ANGELA here - its just gone 10am Saturday Morning here in NZ ! Brian & I have been fortunate to be able to travel and we have some very intersting Countries on our WISH LIST ! India of course and China & Japan ! We are fortunate to have found each other because we bring different attitudes and experiences to the table - but we are also so so in harmony and our love has stood the test of over a year of 11k miles separation - AMEN. We do anticipate our future as a Married Couple in a very positive & productive way ! Thanks for your positivity !

                    Blessings & Peace & Joy - Your Friends
                    ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡💙🧡💙🧡

                  • Christina8

                    This pairs brians write earlier in the week well......blessings to you and brian!

                    • ANGELA & BRIAN

                      Gracias CHRIS - Yes we did collaborate and some of our lives are common such as our adherance to the TEN COMMANDMENTS as a Guide for lives that please GOD - AMEN. I chose 12 Days of Christmas because it is a Hymn and each gift has a Spiritual Significance ! We do sing it in Church @ Christmas. Brian & I have been very blessed to have found each other - just as You & Your Lovely Hubby are ! We are also blessed that our Love has stood the test of time of over a YEARS separation of 11,500 miles ! People said we were mad - at such an important stage in our courtship - but it has strengthened our Relationship and Brian knew I would never get such an opportunity again ! New Zealand is like being in Heaven on Earth ! However I will be happy to return to my job in Essex and of course Brian & our Families !

                      Blessings & Peace & Joy to You & Yours
                      Love ANGELA & BRIAN
                      🧡 💙 🧡 💙 🧡 💙 🧡

                      • Christina8

                        Yes, an important step in your relationship for sure. Blessings!

                      • FineB

                        Hello Angela,

                        An excellent write and overview of your interesting life.

                        Keep writing

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