Aa Harvey





The cold wind blows, through the bones in my body.

A shiver down the spine makes you shake a gesture or sign,

Of a forthcoming winter; the cold is in the air.


So enjoy the sunshine, before the cold dark days;

The winter of discontent.

The eerie sound of an icy wind, a time for you to lament;

That the warm days, are no longer.

This summer has come and gone.



So wrap yourself up, nice and warm,

Before you catch your Death.

The bleakness of the moral, is innocently lost,

But the cold air gives form, to a heated breath.



So stay indoors, where it’s safe and warm

And keep the heat trapped;

For the heat that you have imprisoned,

Beneath the blanket on your bed,

Will soon become,

This winter’s closest friend.



(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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