The Merlin

Jenny Wren

The merlin lived on the edge of a wood,

Overlooking a farm, where an old barn stood.


In April he saw the swallows arrive,

Watching them gracefully swoop, glide and dive.


Soon the chicks began to appear,

Leaving the nest without any fear.


One swallow he watched: her beauty quite stunning,

He felt his heart racing, breath quicken, pulse running.


The merlin took off to join her in flight,

Struggled to keep up but kept her in sight.


The swallow noticed her new companion in the sky,

She circled back ‘round and caught his keen eye.


Slowing her flight to stay close by his side,

They began an airborne dance; a spiralling glide.


From that point on they’d meet every day,

Soaring and swooping in every which way.


They soon became closer; fell deeply in love,

Soulmates flying together in the skies up above.


The summer rolled on through warm hazy weather,

Laughter and fun: planning their life together.


But as the days got shorter, the swallow felt ill at ease, 

Something called to her on that late summer breeze,


She did not want to go, couldn’t understand why,

But it was time to be dragged from her merlin and into the sky.


The swallow hated to hurt the one she loved so much,

Tried to stay as long as she could to savour his touch.


But one day when he was out finding some food,

The swallow took flight, heading South as she should.


The merlin discovered his swallow was gone,

Bereft and bereaved; did not want to go on.


His good friend, the tawny owl, said “the swallow had to go”,

“But she will come back to you one day and heal your woe”.


“Until that time Merlin, you must be strong;

To carry on without Swallow will not be wrong”.


“But to forget her will not be possible:

You’re soulmates forever and ever after all”.


“One day you will be reunited again,

Another lifetime of summer on which to depend”.


So, the merlin continues to live a full and happy life,

Surrounded by friends, and purpose to help others through strife.


One day he met a wren; watched the moon and stars with her,

He told her about the swallow and how happy they were.


The story she turned to a poem for he,

To remind him it will feel easier eventually. 

  • Author: Jenny Wren (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 29th, 2019 06:07
  • Category: Love
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  • Goldfinch60

    The help we get from each other is so wonderfully shown in your words Jenny.

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