Pertaining to Poets

Kevin Michael Bloor

The souls of poets are sublime,

Though they seem sentimental.

Some say they’re sad, but the like the gods

They’re silent, still and gentle.


The thoughts of poets, when conveyed

Can cause a heart to flutter.

Read from a page, they sound like words

A human could not utter.


The pens of poets, when they’re primed

Can pulverise a planet.

Their ink can heal or break a bone,

Or melt a heart of granite.


The lives of poets; they are filled

With joy and jubilation.

Their words are wove on sacred wings

Of angel aviation.


The wives of poets sometimes grieve,

Like widows in their towers,

When poet’s mind is merged with muse

For many moonlit hours.


The lives of poets, short or long;

It doesn’t really matter.

Their breathed out beauty, it will grow

From single seed they scatter.


  • Poetic Dan

    It felt like I didn't breath until the end my friend, that was spine-tingling outstanding!
    Thank you!

    • Kevin Michael Bloor

      Many thanks, Poetic Dan. I truly appreciate your feedback and comments on my poor little poem.

    • Clara

      ''Read from a page, they sound like words
      A human could not utter''

      This poem is wonderful. It speaks such truth. The line I've copied above speaks to me. I don't think too much when I write, I just let my pen flow across the page and what I read back can sometimes surprise me and shock me.

      Thank you for this poem!
      CLARA X

      • Kevin Michael Bloor

        Thank you, Clara. Glad you found something in my poor little poem. Appreciate your feedback!

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        BRIAN HERE ! Hi KEVIN thanks for sharing ~ Love Poems about Poets & Poetry. I was raised on Poetry & Poets in Liverpool ~ Adrian Henri - Roger McGough - Brian Pattern - John Lennon etc. Writing Poetry was natural to us ! This Poem rings true ! Sublime souls ~ Heart fluttering thoughts ~ Pens pulverising Planets ~ Joyous lives ~ Words wven on sacred wings ~ Negledted Wives ! ~ Minds merged with Muse ~ Incandescent lives ~ AWESOME. We love all sorts of Poetry and try to include soame classical forms on MPS ! I also love the Structure of your Poem ! Six Quatrains with consistent Meter and Rhyme Pattern (xaxa xbxb xcxc etc) This makes it easy to read and a delight to recite. That is the essence of GOOD POETRY ! A lot of MODERN POETRY Lacks Rhyme - Rhthym & Reason !

        Yours BRIAN & ANGELA !

        • Kevin Michael Bloor

          Many thanks. Angela & Brian. Such a long response! What can I say? I'm grateful that you two(?) took the time to read my poor little poem. I think that if there is anything good in my poems, it probably comes as an echo from my past, when I was a Christian. God, it seems, is still blessing me with words, which I simply pour on a page, in the hope that someone will listen. I hope that something of his blessing and grace may wing its way to you two for bothering to read and respond in such a way. Again, many thanks.

        • Goldfinch60

          Wonderful write Kevin. Poets have the power to bring all emotions into the world.

          • Kevin Michael Bloor

            Many thanks, G. I always appreciate your kind comments and feedback. Shalom.

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