Aa Harvey

Even after

Even after



You will always be cool in my eyes.

Even after you have broken my heart into a thousand shards.

Even when you leave me behind to die.

You will still be cool to me and my heart.



People find a way to survive the lies.

Lust comes and lust it goes.

Your love for me was that of a ghost,

It floated out with you when you were creeping

And I closed the windows.



I could never love another even if I tried to.

When you are wishing upon stars calling another name,

I will still be thinking of you.

The pain it still remains.



If I have to spend each day crawling through Hell,

I will remember I met you for a split second.

I hope you remember you met me as well,

But you won’t even recall my name, I reckon.



In this sacrificial life of mine,

I made your acquaintance and created a magic inside.

I became a spell

And sparks did fly!



When the candle is blown out by the wind,

Through the opening, you remain with me.

You will claim my body with scratches down my back

And I will still dream of you, I know that,

But even after all this time,

I still love you and you still lie.



You broke me apart with liar’s words,

But you lost someone who was always yours…you never heard.

No longer mortal, when we were immortal.

You are just a doused old flame and now you’re just bloody awful!



(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • Clara

    Well rounded write, the depth and story in the words you've chosen really shine through. I feel the love and the loss, the betrayal... All of it. Great work!


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