May I?

Look I hope you don't mind,

But I understand if you do.

If I may, may I, 

Just stare at you?

I'm in awe of you,

You're an awesome view.

It's like staring at the night sky,

Stars and moons.


Then there's you...

And the beauty you exude,

And how without knowing you

I know this to be true.


It just has to be,

Such beauty can not just be skin deep.

Like a rose, as pretty as the petals may be

We know it but stems from roots beneath.


And as a rose may have thorns,

I'm sure you have yours.

Yet they smell just as sweet

And lose none of their allure.


So, may I?

You don't have to look back.

You can stay staring into space,

In fact, I like it like that.


I'm no art connoisseur,

But I am pretty sure,

That Mona Lisa's smile

Has got nothing on yours.


A smile that I adored,

And sight soon to be no more,

But until then you're all I want to see so…


May I?


  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful love lorn words.

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