Chris Yellow

Lion heart meets its match

Pussy here owns the place!
From the front window frames
to the corners of the garage,
the floors kiss his pillow paws
in his slick sleepy parades.

Between the gate and the ground
where little light squeezes down to
greet Lion-heart with the birth of day,
an intruder crawled in today.

Filled with the size of his name,
forward his shoulders rolled
like only a hunter may.
But as he closed the space
to face he who stole the sun,
slower got his steady pace
for light could breach again
hitting the slender silhouette.

His crown would not allow
a second guessing of his step,
the long curvy trespasser
should have to slither back.

The snake full bellied
by larger a mammal
blinked once and twice,
but it gave no surrender sign.
She had to analyze the insanity
that made it try tower over her.

And as the reptile's head
lifted in the magic of its ways
above the tall held cat
she could distinguish sweat
breaking behind its gaze,
so she kissed its tiny nose in truce
for she witnessed a lion's heart.


  • Goldfinch60

    Bravery is not always having to fight somebody. Good write.

    • Chris Yellow

      Bravery is standing up to your fears as the censorial warnings they are.

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