Fay Slimm.




Do you, eyes closed vision streams
of survival's foment
floating on nectared oceans or weals
of rapt wishes bursting 
with ambrosial sips for the healing
of thirsty hearts ?

When endurance demands a repeal
do you practice 
withdrawing to mystical freedom ?

Are you like me learning the secret
as lonely is being 
transformed and resolve revealed ?


Coping with solo
takes courage to face its meaning,

and find solutions that

match provocations of human need.




  • sylviasearcher

    I’m a mystical freedom kind of girl for sure...

    • Fay Slimm.

      Thanks Sylvia for stopping by for a read on what solo may mean to those living alone..... glad you could relate to the phrase you highlighted.

      • sylviasearcher

        Sometimes alone is not physical... it was funny I read your poem during a pause from my magpie watching this morning...

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      • kevin browne

        Indeed there is always the provocation for the life of humands need. Over a quarter of the human population live in poverty for modt of their pitiful lives. These people are naturally spirited because it's probably one of the few things they own and and will never let go. I think you've hit a perfectly exspressed how lonliness spreads across so many regions from around the world. A fetching read, Fay...

        • Fay Slimm.

          Your thoughtful comment is gratefully welcomed my friend - a subject which I feel needed an airing is that of living alone....... thank you your in-put dear Kevin.

          • kevin browne

            You're welcome.

          • orchidee

            A fine write Fay.

            • Fay Slimm.

              My thanks to you Orchi for dropping by.

            • Neville

              Some times going it alone is forced on one and hurts like hell... conversely.......I quite like that term in a poetry review
              Nothing could be better if it was engineered and intentional....

              another super poem Fay....

              • Fay Slimm.

                Yes I agree that solo can be a bit of a heller - conversely - (and I like that word too) it can be a pathway to self-reliance and engineered to provide more than freedom for some........ I love that you liked the read..............

              • Andrew Charles Forrest

                Long empty days makes the mind turn inwards and ask too many questions Fay that when you have to be brave...
                Very powerful write well done you!

                • Fay Slimm.

                  Thanking you muchly and more my friend --- so glad you related to both image and poem.

                • dusk arising

                  All of the above! Except loneliness.

                  Singleton is simple and so many people are living the singleton life - either well or poorly. For me i live it well but that doesn't mean i live without desire.

                  Good questions you pose but many will find them uncomfortable to dwell upon.

                • H.M. Reynolds, hmrwrites

                  SO moving, thank you for this read! :)

                • Goldfinch60

                  Being on your own, as I virtually am now you need not feel lonely, there are still so many things to pull you from feeling lonely, being alone can be therapeutic.

                • ANGELA & BRIAN

                  ANGELA HERE (11am Saturday Morning) and your Poem rang my BELL ! How such an empty Room can be so full of lonliness ! I last saw and held and kissed Brian - Five months ago - His visit was too short and the last five months too long. I love it here and I have loads of New Friends - @ Work @ Church and in the Community - BUT I realise BRIAN is 11,500 miles away and all my enjoyment fades and I am really really lonely again ! BUT by October it will all be OBER and we will be together Body - Soul - Sprit FOREVER - AMEN ! Thanks for caring & sharing. Love the VISUAL - THAT IS ME !!!!!! LAMENTING THE 11,500 MILES BETWEEN ME & BRIAN - SO SO SAD - Roll on OCTOBER !

                  Blessings & Peace & Joy
                  Lots of Love ANGELA
                  🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡 🧡

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