My Life


I had it all once

Was as happy as can be

A husband, two children

Content, that was me

Then life played its part

And things got in the way

Now I’m detached from that family

The man anyway.

My children are grown

And live their own lives

I see them sometimes

…If one of us drives

The rest of my family

All live miles away

I spend too much time

On my own day to day

There’s a lot in the news

About good mental health

It has nothing to do

With belongings or wealth

It’s the touch of a hand

Or a smile or a wave

A ‘hello’ a’ goodbye’

At some point in the day

To know that you’re worthy

To someone at least

Brings calmness and comfort

a welcoming peace.

That’s what I’m lacking

That’s what I miss

To wake to a cuddle

The gentlest of kiss

The plans for the day

Shared with someone I love

A walk in the park

Nothing huge to speak of

How hard can it be?

To find someone to share

Your life and your dreams with

Who’ll always be there.


  • Neville

    So very sad but I am almost ashamed to say thoroughly enjoyed... Neville

    • Purdy61

      Thank you for your lovely comments.

      • Neville

        you are most welcome..

      • Fay Slimm.

        Such a loneliness seeps through these lines Purdy -and so many describe a condition of need as the same - - - your pen rhymes it well and the style is just right but the cry of the words makes my heart bleed .................... thanks for posting on a familiar but very sad subject.

      • H.M. Reynolds, hmrwrites

        SO heartfelt and a challenge to read. Thank you for this insight.

      • Bragee

        So sad that we have to experience this type of discomfort in life sometimes.
        Stay strong and better days come along.

      • Goldfinch60

        A very emotive write well written.

      • dusk arising

        How hard can it be. Very hard to find the right one. The more of lifes experience we have under our belt, so we become less 'easy to please' in the partner department, and lets face it there's less choice and all the good ones have been taken.... singleton is becoming my accepted choice nowdays ..... there's an awful lot who feel the same as me too.

        • Purdy61

          Hi there. Funny isn't it? I'm a positive and happy person and never want people to think I'm 'down'. But sometimes i don't even want to go home - It's the moment I close my front door - the silence is deafening. But, as i keep reminding myself, I have a lot going for me so on goes the smile again.

          • dusk arising


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