About Time


It's taken me 12 years

To write down these tears

That you all made me cry

And want to fucking die

Now you will listen here

I finally want to clear

The darkness in my mind

And kill the torturous grind 

You said I was your mate

Before it turned to hate

We had each others back

So who changed the track?

How could I foresee

You'd change the us to me

What made all this worse

Was I felt it was a curse

As when we were alone

It's like you were a clone

We would get on just fine

But then I'd hear the chime

The others would be here

To install the fear

When it was a group

I was pushed out the loop

You made me feel so small

Like you were 10 feet tall

Why was I the joke

For you all to poke

What made you fuck with me

And change the us to thee

When there was a fight

I could see the light

I jumped in and fought for you

My friendship was still true

For a night we were back friends

To break this torturous trend

What a fool was I

To even go and try

As soon it was all done

You made me want a gun

I'd blow my brains in two

You changed the us to you

There was nothing I could do

Even try and see through you

I kept up this stupid trend

And hope it would all mend

I left myself out there

For my soul to tear

I brought this on myself

This dark and horrid shelf

For you to place your fears

And reduce me to tears

There finally came a time

Where I would change my rhyme

I knew I had no reason

But to commit treason

You thought you were the king

But there was just one thing

I'd put myself through hell

Trying to live within a shell

Now I would finally break

And leave for my own sake

-I changed the we to me

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