vanessa wallace


I don't know how I feel about the word "beauty"

It seems to be something that you either are or aren't

But I don't use it to describe people

Or myself

I use it to describe things

Poems, nature, songs, you get the point

It's so mesmerizing how something as simple as a few notes on a piano

Or a couple words on a piece of paper

Can be worthy of the word "beauty"

I think the world is beautiful

Not the people in it

After all

All we do is take up space

Or at least I do

Sometimes it feels like I'm alone on this earth





  • Goldfinch60

    You will never be alone when you can write words like this.

    You are right though there is more beauty to be seen in nature, words, music and art can can be seen in most people.

  • Poetic Dan

    I see the beauty of the soul not the outer vessels.

    Yours is shining wonderful!

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