Poetic Dan

Pillar in my world

I am surrounded by love


I am built for birth


My surges cannot be stronger than me because they are me


Women all over the world are birthing with me


Our babies size is perfect for my body


I am calm, our baby is calm


My body is strong
my mind is focused
I am Powerful


I feel safe, secure and loved


I trust that my body knows exactly what it's doing


I soften
I open
I release
I welcome
Each wave


(end of affirmations)


She is showing me the power that lives inside, one of the reasons I've never given up on life!


I was born 5bl 3oz at 3:05am to small and needed a spotlight, from the beginning I've found strength to survive.


In less than 24 hours I'll be taking my 38th years of breath, knowing that at any moment my new baby girl will be taking hers.


Never giving up on love, I found a pillar with the power to reflect off. A mountain to climb upon, trusting neither wants to control the flame thats inside!


My best friend and lover is what she is to me, knowing we are both full of limitless energy.


Everything happens for a reason, it's down to us to never stop searching!


I'm walking with my happiness and holding my darkness, a soul that's armed with nothing but my openness.


I don't wonder any more
I know I belong in this world
As it's all mine and yours as well


  • Neville

    how wonderful is this.... very..

    • Poetic Dan

      Thank you my friend, she is turning the home into a blissful place ready for new life to enter into.

    • Christina8

      this is awesome! Much respect

      • Poetic Dan

        Life is becoming more so every day!
        Always appreciated

      • sylviasearcher

        The beginning of this reminded me of my old hypno birthing cd. It was so soothing.

        You always brighten my dark days Dan 💜

        • Poetic Dan

          Yes! We have been listening to them most nights and it's been such an empowering educational experience!

          Funny how it all feels like back to basics, always good to know I help the good times roll.

          Darkness connects us as much as the light, thank you and I always appreciate your time!

        • dusk arising

          So f...ing marvellous to read your words in this joyous piece from you today.
          After all the s..t you've put yourself through to arrive here released from the chains which dragged at you from the past.
          I'm full of joy for you and yours m8. And i'm really looking forward to hearing about your tears of joy when you first hold your new baby.

          Just be happy, you so deserve it.

          • Poetic Dan

            I definitely got it my friend, I've had 20 minutes sleep and I'm the happiest soul with a pair of feet.... O I like that!

          • kevin browne

            "I don't wonder any more
            I know I belong in this world
            As it's all mine and yours as well"...that just about sums you and your loved ones right up in this eagearly wriiten piece...Nice one, Dan....

            • Poetic Dan

              Thank you my friend! Looks like the universe heard me too! Today is my best birth day every ;)

            • FredPeyer

              A new baby is just about the most wonderful thing in the world, and you captured that feeling perfectly.

              • Poetic Dan

                Ooooo my days! I can't believe I can see your name, I wondered for so long about your magnificent soul! Then up you pop on not only mine but my brand new edition arrives!

                Today truly is a marvellous days!

                I hope you are well my friend, thank you much for being one of my first rocks to finding myself!

                Much peace and respect

              • Goldfinch60

                Such a wonderful poem full of love and happiness. Your home is wonderful and soon to be blessed with new life.

                • Poetic Dan

                  As you speak it shall appear! You are really good ;)

                  Always appreciated my friend
                  Thank you

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