WL Schuett

Scars of Hope

Natural innocence 

and simplicity ,

a glorious arc 

of rainbow charity.

The pulling of silk 

through a loom .

A magnificent child

of the storm. 


Holding pureness 

feeling my love 

without knowing .

Asleep at the wheel 

of just being born.

The silence was deep ,

sweet and sad .

Her every breath was

a provision of 

sacred order . 


I had an absolute 

vision .

a prelude of silent 


The wind sang 

sweet lullabies 

born of time 

and starlight. 


The music asked questions 

of the breeze,

to butterflies and angels .

But, was answered in 

a thunderous storm.


Disintagrating realms

of hope 

who will advocate for 

a beloved soul . 


Life’s wounds move on 

but , we are left 

with the scars . 


  • Goldfinch60

    Those scars may be there but they show the healing of your body and Your Spirit.

  • FredPeyer

    Great poem. I heard that scars make you stronger. Not so sure about that though.

  • myself and me

    The scars carried sadness and happiness. The scars remind you were once alive.

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