Andrew Charles Forrest

The Cedar wood tree and me

The Cedar wood tree and me


Young green weak and wispy

The wind blew you back and forth every day

The hot sun hardened your skin

The cold rain quenched your thirst and you grew

You watched the children grow with you

They left home and your family moved

Alone now you cared for no-one

Winters came and summers weren’t so hot

Mother earth was your foundation

You gripped her tight with iron veins

You survived all storms as war came and went

Children stopped playing in the garden so much

Comfortable now you had seen almost everything

You watched youngsters develop and grow near you

Some didn’t make it you accepted that now

Your limbs sometimes ached when the wind blew harder

A little less coverage this year, but who cared?

Change in the garden and this made you frightened

No longer the strongest thing in the yard

Things you knew at night were different by morning

And everything moved just a little too fast

Autumn was ending and winter was dawning

The world was getting just a bit too small

You heard someone say you were not safe to be with

Maybe that’s why, now the kids stayed away

You looked at yourself in a puddle below you

Your features were twisted and dauntingly grey

Wearily you straighten, bits broken and missing

How did this happen to one who stood proud

Days now seems longer with shorter achievements

Harder and harder to get through the rain

Nightfall and snowfall one follows the other

When will the sunshine be coming again?

Then you realise it’s there but you can no longer see it

Its warmth can no longer get through to your heart

Calmly you rest back as the world spins around you

And your last leaf gently floats to the ground


  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful sad words Andrew, will this happen to all?

  • orchidee

    A fine write Andrew.

  • Neville

    an emotive poem if ever there was.... thoroughly enjoyed my friend...

  • Fay Slimm.

    The feel of end nearing for a long-lived tree will hit hearts of readers like me dear Andrew - this has to be one of your best and most certainly I will read it over again and again - perfectly quilled and into my favs with this sad little gem.

  • Clara

    Wow. This is truly wonderful. Heartbreaking actually... The life of a tree is surely a magical thing. Great work.

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