vanessa wallace

Blood, water, and sadness

Slow then fast

Fast then slow

Blood is thicker than water

But what happens when you mix the two?




  • dusk arising

    LOL @ your "stay" at MPS... that's gotta become your "life" in MPS... this place is like a growth clan of self healers and fine poets.

    Your piece presents an unsolveable question in metaphor. But i guess when we mix anything we get a new result..... maybe you're new mixing with us is giving you a new result... i hope so. We feed off each other.

  • Goldfinch60

    Keep the two apart as you are doing with that blade, so much respect for your first three months.
    Words on a page can be more cutting and will free you from the hurt as they go onto the page as you are so doing on MPS, keep writing it is so much more fulfilling.
    We on MPS will support you Rose.

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