Tom Wood

The Sky Isn't Blue!


The world felt colder today

The clock struck slower, too

The sun blinked, just for a moment

The sky, anything but blue


So, tell me, oh little of faith

Does your heart beat true?

For in a world blanketed in lies

Can you still call the sky blue?


Or do I misunderstand it all

Is there truthful ways to construe

The meaning of a colder world

Where the sky can't be blue


Don't shake, don't tear your heart out

Lest you fear you'll make it through

Yes, the sky can't be there!

The sky is a dark shade rue!


I know why I feel colder!

Your mocking was never true!!

Just breathe, don't shake

Rethink back on your mistake

Remember: The sky isn't blue!


The sky isn't blue

The sky isn't blue

The sky is rue

Your heart isn't true


  • orchidee

    A fine Tom. Happy Birthday - about a week ago! lol.

    • Tom Wood

      Thank you! lol

    • ReloadTheWorld

      I really liked that first part. Rhymes are on point.

      • Tom Wood

        Thank you, I appreciate it 🙂

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