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The wall of ReloadTheWorld2

  • AwkwardDebaterGirl

    Heyo... Okay hun let me be blunt here.
    1.) Occupation : a job or profession. So you would be a student.
    2.) Don't spread all your personal information on the internet. You could be stalked.
    3.) Try and have some self confidence! You are a talented writer for your age and you're a beautiful young girl. Don't put yourself down so much.
    4.) If you want to be taken seriously please grow up a little bit.

    I'm around if you ever need someone to talk to. I would hate to see you waste your potential.

      • ReloadTheWorld

        I can't grow up,I am a kid,thats my personality. ^_^ Besides I think I'm an awesome derp.
        I feel stupid that I forgot what occupation means :-P.

        • AwkwardDebaterGirl

          Don't feel stupid. I guess there is a difference between growing up and being mature.

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        • Julian Yanover

          Welcome to My poetic side!

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