My Purple haired Queen

Your sexy your fine

Your one of a kind

Your witty

Your pretty

You can sing

You can dance

I love it when your hand is on my pants

I love you to bits

From your toes to your...tits

Your clever and polite

You are a pure delight

You brighten my day

In every way

Coming home to see your face

Makes getting home like a race

Getting home fast and seeing you there

Sometimes I can’t help but stare

Because your a cutie

I’m the beast to your beauty

I’ll love you forever and that’s the truth


  • FredPeyer

    When you're smitten, you're smitten. Sounds like you better hold on to this one! Fast paced writing. I know, you need to get back to her! :-)

    • MrB

      Yeah most of my poems are about her. I have a few to post. Thank you 😊

    • Goldfinch60

      sounds like you love this lady, may that love forever be shown in your soul and the words you put on the page.
      Welcome to MPS.

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