dusk arising

those years


Those years,  what were they?
they came and went
and then came around again
like a dream of a joke
upon a haunted carosel
ever to be found again?

hazed now in minds eye yesterdays
courting colours of
a lovers endless game
where cast - I excelled
each leading role ha!
now to questionable acclaim

but who haunts these
tiring bones today
is it me?.. enacting sane?
peering out
through that glass lit darkly
upon love, as love remains

so bring me now my meadows
where gently i may dream
of summertimes
and butterflies
and familiars of my flame
where i ever
shall remain


  • Thoughts In Time

    Just beautiful...I love it when you ask..’who haunts these bones’..is it us ..the me...I believe the spirit is free to connect where it needs to be...wonderful words 🌹

    • dusk arising

      I agree, we mature within our own history, is it still me? has me caught up with myself.... hope u understand those words but theyre the essence of 'who haunts these bones'.
      I thank you for your interesting comments today and past.

      • Thoughts In Time

        Yes I understand and it’s good to agree to disagree..🌹

      • Goldfinch60

        Those dreams will always be with you and you will meet them in eternity.

        • dusk arising

          It sure looks like an adventure awaiting me.

        • Fay Slimm.

          An unforgettable read which recounts time's ability - we need those meadows in which to dream after bones have grown weary my friend.......... saved this one to read again...........and again........... Fay

          • dusk arising

            Thank you Fay, high praise indeed and i feel undeserving. This piece has been smoudering away for a couple of years and finally i was able to make sense of it. TBH it reads as if i were 20 years older and makes me wonder where i will be, if i will be. But my present ailment (and drugs regieme) does seem to have given me an altered perspective, i'm quite aware of that and excited by the prospect of whatever i'll come out with next (nothing planned).

          • Clara

            Effortless brilliance here. Really well written!

            • dusk arising

              Now that's a superb compliment in it's simplicity, thank you so very much Clara. This piece was lurking in me for a couple of years and suddenly i found i could write it.... blame chemotherapy drugs.

            • Poetic Dan

              .... Now that was a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious read indeed my friend! Through my skin, past my bones to my core your words always sit!

              Thank you

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