is it, though?


love just isn’t enough

and that really fucking sucks


such an emotion gets too

much credit for what 

it is and isn’t able to do


love won’t stop a bullet

can’t hold back a knife

from opening up skin

like a second mouth

won’t stop you from leaving


and that’s the thing isn’t it?

love won’t always be enough

and god knows

i wish it were

with all of my being


i think we deserve a

happy ending, lover

don’t you?


i want an ending

that doesn’t leave me

with an ache


with a rawness that i

have yet to discover how to

keep from festering


and i loved her

and i loved him

and i love you

so much it left a mark

but that just wasn’t enough


and there is only so

much of me

of my love

i can give before i’ve

finally been hollowed out


i don’t think my love

will be enough

even then, lover


and that’s something

i’ll just have to

learn to

live with 


but right now

it really fucking hurts


  • Jamie

    “so much it left a mark” love that

    • queer-with-a-pen

      Thank you! I’m a big fan of speaking of love as a thing that isn’t just an emotion, and is instead more tangible.

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