Adam Shirley

why i don't cry

My mother always said,

“Sabes que para llorar no vas a solucionar nada.”

Which in translation means

"You know that crying will not solve anything"


And the thought roamed through my mind

It angered every tip of my hair and every pore on my skin


Because logically speaking she is correct


Say if I were to fall and break my leg, crying won’t heal it

And if I were to be left by the love of my life crying won’t bring them back


And as callous as she said when I had tears in my eyes

I continue to refuse that her saying is right


Crying won’t solve my life, and crying won’t clear my skin

And crying will not fix the wounds of my broken heart that is thin from 

The countless moments of blinded vulnerability

And the infinite seconds of insecure stability.


Mother, where are your tears?

Because maybe I’ve stolen yours


Because these past few years

My eyes have been at war

With the warm salted water, and the swollen red eyes

The heavy slumber after, and the morning after cries.


And to my surprise, my problems are still here

But to say that would be a lie, so now I act like Shakespeare


Crying will not replenish you dead flowers, and will not water your dry grass

It will not bring back your ex, who in my opinion was an ass.


Nonetheless that is not what I want to convey--

You should not cease what is underneath your eyes

And do not be ashamed to shut down and cry

But here’s another quote, another piece of advice

If you are going to cry a river, just don’t drown and die.


  • Goldfinch60

    Crying may not fix anything but it is a great release of emotion from within your heart.

    • Adam Shirley

      You are absolutely right, I have come to that realization on my own terms. It's been quite the journey.

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