Joker Green

My Masked Side โ€“ The Joker

Virtue of Courage,
Commonly known as Fearless
in what he does
regardless of the consequences.


Virtue of Fun,
In the desire of a madhouse
and creating disorder
but experiences joy and laughter.


Virtue of Self-Love...Vanity;
Loving the self more than anything
and putting the self above others
and only in the self he sees wonders.


Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Jared Leto
Legendary Actors of The Joker;
Cameron Monaghan with his talents as an Actor
Amazingly Portrays The Valeska Twins and Their Joker-Like Transformations.


Blessings to them and future actors of The Joker
including Mark Hamill...the Legendary Voice Actor of this Character;
May the legacy of The Joker lives on
even in the visions of The Joker as the good, the bad, and The Funny For Life.



With Much Love and Gratitude,


  • Nicholas Browning

    Whats your take on the Joaquin Phoenix Joker?

    • Joker Green

      I didn't watch it because of the motivations and how separate it is from the previous Jokers.

      It is stated that Joaquin Phoenix wanted to portray a
      "character who audiences could not identify with and did not look to previous Joker actors for inspiration; instead, he read a book about political assassinations so he could understand killers and motivations."

      He even based his laugh on "videos of people suffering from pathological laughter".

      It is actually a psychological movie.


      Cameron Monaghan Joker (Valeska Twins because they're not allowed to use the name 'The Joker' in the TV series) actually studied a lot of the past Jokers from the comics and everything.


      In short, Joaquin Phoenix Joker doesn't give the same vibe like the other Jokers.

      • Nicholas Browning

        Ah, I see. Simply a matter of personal taste. No worries there, was just curious! Thanks a lot for that well formulated response. Much appreciated.

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      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Good MORNING J44 thanks for an EXCELLENT VIDEO and equally informative Poem & your reply to NICHOLAS - Information & Dialogue are a very important facet of MPS. In my experience ALL MEN (XY) (including BRIAN !) have a percentage of *JOKER* in their PERSONALITES ! LADIES (XX) have to restore equilibrium by taking LIFE & LOVE much more seriously ! Which explains why we are often misunderstood ! I have always Loved CLOWNS & Punchinello and the JOKER as portrayed so efectively on FILM. He eclipses BATMAN (too smooth) & ROBIN (too imature). It is significant that all these ICONIC CLOWNS & JOKER are seldom played by FEMALES. Thanks for ameliorating MPS !

        Blessings & Love to YOU & YOURS
        ANGELA & BRIAN ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก
        Please check *HAWAIIAN MAGIC* - Thanks !

        • Joker Green

          Only in certain things I would go that far (informative) and The Joker has a significant impact on myself.
          Out of all, it was Cameron Monaghan's portrayal that inspired me. It is the character, laughter, and attitude.
          It is quite possible that it is the age factor as well...because he is (Cameron Monaghan) the same age as me.
          The characters he plays in the Gotham TV Series reference many of the previous Joker movie characters and comics.
          He did say in an interview that he wanted to do the best to pay Homage to the character.

          Before that, I was never a fan of The Joker.
          I even changed my signature to something that resembles 'J44'.

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