Aa Harvey

Love is my religion

Love is my religion



Love is my religion;

It asks for no more.

It is what it is;

Nothing is for sure.



It may not exist,

But imagine if it did!

You could be my Queen and I your King

And in a different dimension,

This joke could become serious thinking.



Thinking about love;

Ah the delusions.

Another delirious fool painting illusions.

Surely there is no such a thing as love at first sight? 

That would not be right.

It’s right where you stand, where you are, what you see.

I am here, all yours, if you want me.



Is it love at first sight,

Or love on twelfth night?

Or is it twenty, maybe fifty, or maybe the thousandth time?

Is it a year or more and who are you to tell me how to worship?

Get out of here and go back to your version of it.



It does not exist inside my head… yet.

There is no chance of conversion.

Try your best to convert me, you are preaching to the converted,

But our ideas are very different,

Because I’m worth it and you are a lesser version.



My soul already sold in exchange for hope.

Pandora has awoken; I’m a cloud of smoke,

A conjuror’s trick, this love thing stinks!

Until you have it

And then it is magic!



(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


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