I’m okay

My life is a damn joke

They think all I do is coke

But I do it for a reason

And depression I cannot cope

They don’t know what’s in my head

Deep inside I am fucking dead

All I said was I’m okay

And they left me with what I said

Am I really okay

Do you trust me of what I say

I’m screaming in my head

And I take it day by day

I’m hiding what’s deep inside

Whatever it takes for me to hide

And as much as I can

I’ll tell you lie after lie

But I’m really not okay

Otherwise is what you like for me to say

And I keep it to myself

Even if it’s not that way


  • orchidee

    Well, we do say 'I'm Okay' as a general reply to some folk. Maybe we don't know them that well? And would they listen if we had a long chat with them? I suppose we don't tell EVERYONE our personal matters or situations.
    Some might even be expecting us to reply:' Yep, all is Okay', and be surprised if we said 'Well, actually, no I 'm not Okay!'

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