Aa Harvey

Light in darkness

Light in darkness



Why in the world do you bother?  I’ll never be your Prince.

You’re getting all hot and bothered,

But you’ll never get my intimate kiss.

Your lies flow around like a red river;

The bodies are all up stream.

I’ll never be your sinner and you’ll never be my everlasting Queen.



Visions flash by like a drunken night star-ship.

Diamonds fall down from the sky.

Lights scream at me when the world turns dim.

Metaphors talk in my dreams each and every night.



Liver’s continue their dancing; I’m all alone in this place.

Everyone goes to the happening;

Find the truth on my vacant blank face.

I’m dancing inside!  Outwardly portraying the end.

You’ll never be my one bride; life has taken away all that ‘Let’s pretend’.



Words are easily manipulated; I write in blood, sweat and tears.

I never claimed I would become the greatest,

But this rock has rolled for years and more years.



Time is a fleeting illusion, I once possessed inside my hands.

I live in a head of confusion, where all I do is all that I can.

Dangerous times call for changes; musical mind clocking in.

Lyrics are filling the empty pages;

Deeper and deeper I’m sinking down in it.



Fires are burning all around, lighting the darkest night.

Earth is The Devil’s playground

And I’m down on my knee’s searching for the right light.

A God in a world of fantasy; imagination my only truth.

You are the drug that I cannot handle.

You keep me moving; you push me through.



(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • Poetic Dan

    Fantastic ending. The rock that rolls I know well but we can break our own spell!

    Great stuff!

  • Chris Yellow

    Wow, how tormented. I hope you can find the cure for that drug of yours.

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