Deep rest.

I feel depressed
I need deep rest
don't know how to function in society
and my mind keeps lying to me

I numb myself with opiates
to cope with my anxiety
there's a sickness running through me
and unjustifiably
I hurt others with it
I'm not sure if they question my sanity

don't wear my pain as a badge
because I don't want any pity
this pain isn't an aesthetic
this pain isn't pretty
this pain is wild
like fire engulfing a forest
or fog hugging a desolate city

I need a time out
I want to run into a forest to scream and shout
I want to bury my head in a bed of flowers
I don't want to hear a sound
I need a hug
I need to feel loved
I love myself
and for how far I've come I feel proud

for now, I'm earthbound
I walk through shadows, silhouettes and crowds
my mind is loud
this life is profound

I don't know what else to say
so I'm calling it a day
pray all feeling this way stay safe
everything's gonna be okay

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