The Lights are on, but Nobody Home

There are days when

The saying ‘The lights are on,

But nobody home’

Applies perfectly to

My state of mind


I drive a familiar route

Close to home

Without having a clue


Of what just happened


I find myself wandering

Into the bedroom

Just to stand there

Without any idea

Why I came here


Or how about the times

When that one word

Or maybe a name

Is tauntingly hovering

Just outside consciousness


Never mind the hours spent

Looking for shopping lists

Keys, wallet, and other stuff

Temporarily or forever forfeited

To the big black hole



The lights are on

I am still breathing

But my mind must have

Gone for a walk

In the country side


No need to worry

It will be back

In full force

Before the lights

Turn off for good


  • Goldfinch60

    This is so true at our age Fred.

  • orchidee

    Maybe it's gone on holiday? When will it be back?!

  • Poetic Dan

    Glad it wondered onto this page!

    Great stuff

  • Saxon Crow

    I am there as well. Well at least I think I am. What was the question?!

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