Aa Harvey

There is nothing chivalrous about a sniper.

There is nothing chivalrous about a sniper.



In days of yore, when the rain did pour,

Inside an inn, they spoke of was and when.

Even then their present was defined by their history,

As they prepared to march off to war again.



With muddied boots, we stomp on those which we call our enemy.

With feasts of meat and ale and fruit, we happily fill our bellies.

We raise the roof with our own self-importance.

We sing of past deeds and of how the battles were won.

Where we once used swords so chivalrously,

Now we fight each other using any surreptitious means.

Instead of swords, now we use guns.



Will we ever learn to end these battles,

We insist on having with our fellow humans?

We are righteous in our reasoning, never mind the consequences.

If I am stood before God and He asks me to defend humanity;

Humanity shall stand alone, indefensible and defenceless.



(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.



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