Take Me Somewhere

Take Me Somewhere


Take me she said

Take you where he enquired

Take me here there and everywhere

And elsewhere too besides...


In the car behind that tree

Against the wall and on the stairs

And sshh... just between you and me

I love it in the garden...



  • Fay Slimm.

    A request by a smitten She which put so plainly cannot, in any event, be denied by a He ....... surely a lesson not to miss is to make oneself clear in all matters of hanky-panky methinks !

    • Neville

      absolutely ... thanking you most kindly my friend....

    • orchidee

      She's a saucy lass - or mare! heehee. I'm gonna dash to meet her! lol.

      • Neville

        thanks for checking these words out for me Orchidee...

      • Aislinn Wilson

        How delightfully playful. Great write.

        • Neville

          thank you Aislinn.. many thanks indeed..

        • PoeticBiscuit

          Sounds like someone’s enjoying themselves,
          Great write!

          • Neville

            thanking you too my friend.. a most welcome visit and always appreciated..

          • Christina8

            Fantastic write playfully written! Well done!

            • Neville

              thank you so much Christina.... x

            • Andrew Charles Forrest

              She sounds a bit needy Nev tell her to take the bus

              • Neville

                sounds like a plan.. cheers sir...

              • Goldfinch60

                She obviously wants you all the time and anywhere. (It is uncomfortable on the stairs though).

                • Neville

                  thanks GF60 ....

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