kevin browne

This Old Heart Of Mine.

Upon my arms lay a sleeping head
With scents smelling of sweet dreams
Although sometimes when I lay in bed
I listen to stars to hear what love means.

Sometimes when fellow lovers pass by
A river filled with Koe Carp and a swan
Will search deep inside and to ask why
Love had it's passing and now it's gone.

Each time her heartbeats upon my own
I feel the touch of her love towards mine
The eccentric tendency of flowers grown
Today is the day for her butterfly to shine.

Some people walk a history unknown
Upon the clouds floating across the sky
And bursting with beauty to be shown
As the seven sisters flutter way up high.

Time stops for a moment every four years
Leaping through the spectrum of her glee
But, willing emotions bring on her tears
When I asked her would she marry me?

With a tremor in my voice, I said I'd let her go
That the second I saw her I knew I was a man
Those golden memories, I thought she'd know
That I had another lover who didn't understand.

So, with some flowers, she picked with love
To choose her architecturally perfect frame
If it stops sometimes then give love a shove
When scandalising me and playing silly games.

And to start all over all the way from A to Z
And telling lovers this ain't the time to stop
That now she's found another love instead
To spread out her heart and reach the top.

It'll never grow old this old heart of mine
I'll keep it in checkmate for the rest of time
And when all the pawns have fallen down
My Queen the Moon moves Heaven around.

Another crest of a wave breaks another one
And a Summer Sun has brightened your sky
Let go with the flow, after all, is said and done
And to twinkle politely into someone's eyes.


  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful loving write Kevin.

    • kevin browne

      Thanks, Gold. Most pleased, my friend...

    • orchidee

      A fine write Kev. Erm, my experience was somewhat different. I found that river, but that swan bit me, and then I fell in the river. Doh! I not quite got the hang of things. heehee.

      • kevin browne

        Buy some armbands then maybe you'll stay afloat..Than you once again...

      • Andrew Charles Forrest

        Nothing wrong with that old heart Kevin greta write

        • kevin browne

          It's ticking along quite nicely, Charles...

        • Chris Yellow

          Absolutely beautiful!

          • kevin browne

            Chris Yellow, that's a very kind thing to say. Thank you...

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