Beautiful Sky


What do you see when you stare into the sky?

watching the clouds as they travel on by,

do you see a face or a dog within the clouds?

for I am simply captivated by the beauty abound.

  • Author: PoeticBiscuit (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 6th, 2019 16:41
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    GOOD EVENING *PB* - ANGELA HERE ! Thanks for an elegant Poem on a very important subject CLOUDS ! Cloud formations are never the same and are a help to predicting the Weather. Also they have such lovely names ! Cumulus (like cauliflowers) ~ Cirrus (whispy) ~ Lenticular (banks of cloud) and Nimbus (rain !) There ar e many other compound names ! Cumulus are the best ones for seeing objects ! On can see all manner of Animals & Trees & if the sun is shining through the GATEWAY to Heaven ~ AMEN !

    Keep looking up
    Peace & Joy
    Yours ANGELA (UK)
    Please check our SITE ~ Thanks A & B !

  • Goldfinch60

    Looking at clouds is so wonderful, the uniqueness of every one can bring so much to us all.

  • Poetic Dan

    Every now and then this can be true but I am on the side of things are not like they used too.

    Great stuff!
    Much appreciated

  • Tia Davis/テイア

    Simple and fantastic

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