War is Not for Lovers

War is Not for Lovers


Over the top my beautiful boys

The sergeant major cried

Think of your mother, your sweetheart

And remember them

When thunder cracks around your head

And fear burns your insides


And Tommy did

He remembered her hand

In desperation, a talon

Crushing, clinging to his wrist

Cold as the ever stabbing wind


He remembered her eyes

Once beautiful and full of life

Frightened now and tired

Like those of some caged wild animal


He remembered how

Twelve months ago

He had held her in his arms

And kissed away a single tear

As the engine whistle blew

Be brave he said

I love you

And think of me till I return

And lay down by your side

War is not for lovers

The station master cried


A moment later, the front line

Fell in unison

As if precision timed

A piece of jagged metal sang

A private groaned

And blood and mud entwined

War is not for lovers

The sergeant major cried





  • Fay Slimm.

    The appropriate picture your emotive pen paints wrings tears from my eyes - - war most certainly is not for lovers my friend........... Fay

    • Neville

      Thanking you so very much dear Fay, please excuse my delay in responding, I am currently in Valletta taking in the sun x

    • Poetic Dan

      War is not for lovers, although lovers do fight best

      As the fire that burns within our chest, would only take arms to defend the nest

      I've never forgotten the first time I heard the lines, the first casualty of war, is the truth!

      Beautifully written of the wars that we are still yet to learn from.

      Much peace and respect

      • Neville

        Cheers PD my friend, a much appreciated comment, excuse my delay in responding but I am in Malta taking some winter sun.... best regards to you and your family, N

        • Poetic Dan

          You are forever excused my friend, keep taking in that well need rest!

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        • Suresh

          War is for lovers, otherwise how else would one pen such poetry

          • Neville

            You are most kind my friend, please excuse my apparent delay in responding, I am presently enjoying the sun in Malta.... N

          • orchidee

            A poignant write Nev.

            • Neville

              Cheers Orchidee, much appreciated, best regards from Malta ... N

            • dusk arising

              Brilliant evocative writing. Hard hitting reality. Each of the thousands who died was a loving soul of hopes, wishes, and desires..... destined to become a number history records.

              Very moving.

              • Neville

                Thanks DA, excuse the delay my friend, I am currently on holiday.... N

              • Goldfinch60

                Very emotive write Neville, those that died were all loved by somebody.

                • Neville

                  Thanks GF60, I apologise for the apparent delay, I am currently in Malta enjoying the sun ... N

                • Seek

                  Love is anathema to pain, sadness and grief, if I read your poem well. Even if my take is a little off, it was a sumptuous read.

                  • Neville

                    absolutely.. thank you kindly sir..

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