I follow every stride

Every twist, turn & place you hide

& I patiently wait

I shall stalk where you can’t detect

Be your shadow, attack when you can’t protect


Can’t let it go

Won’t let it drop

Felt every poisoned word

Your mouth just wouldn’t stop


Won’t let it go

Can’t let it drop

The wheels are in motion

Nothing will make them stop


I watch each move you take

Every turn, twist & mistake

& I eagerly wait

I shall attack when you least expect

Strip you of dignity, power & respect


So you thought you’d escape without a sound

So you thought I’d hide & go to ground

You thought you’d won this game

But this injustice runs way too deep

It pumps through my every artery & every vein

Waiting for revenge has pushed me to the edge of insane

But I have been patient, so very patient

& I now I intend to collect

I will take everything from you that you took from me

Every morsel & every fucking grain

I shall be the only judge

To decide when I am through with this grudge


© 2019 Unsub


  • dusk arising

    Brilliant! So evocative of how one feels when revenge must be sought.

    Allowing oneself to fall into this natural thought phase is OK and a part of our make-up ..... but most of us are able to lift out of this. I know i have been there and lifted myself out.

    A faith in human nature is a great medicine for the times we fall into this.

    • Unsub


      appreciate the reading & comment my friend,


    • Goldfinch60


      OK, I'll be at the pub waiting for you as usual, your round.

      Very good write and extols the saying that 'Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.'
      As d a says most of us can lift ourselves from this idea of revenge, I have in the past, now I just move on and use apathy as a weapon to those who created this feeling in me. (Except one person who had better not cross my path again!)


      • orchidee

        You knows it's me - that one person - I keeps crossing your path and signs to ya! lol.

        • Unsub


          why is it always my round? When it's my round you want three pints & a shot Jack Daniels; when it's your round we get a pint of diet coke & two straws! LOL!

          Revenge is fine hot or cold to be honest!!



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        • orchidee

          Oohh, why you coming after me? I didn't mean it - I was only having a bad hair day! heehee.

          • Unsub


            you're not on my revenge list if you promise not to sing anymore...ever!


          • daydreaming

            I loved this poem. Edgy yet full of emotion I detect the anger and the power behind the words. Great work. If you don’t mind I will follow you.

            • Unsub


              there is anger in this piece but I'm not normally angry.

              Follow me? That's stalking isn't it? You can read my work but if you follow me down the road we will have an issue! LOL!


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