My Perfect Man

Original Poem: The Perfect Man

Yeah I know there is no such thing a “perfect man.”
But there is my “Perfect Man.”
He loves me unconditionally
He thinks I am smart, beautiful
But not just my looks my soul, my spirit.
He never forgets to tell me he loves me
He holds me tightly,
Body to body.
Maybe I am asking for to much,
To be treated differently.
I don’t Know I’m just going with this slow flow,
He knows.
He knows that I carry a lot of cargo
He is patient.
He knows that we are going to make it
He is perfect.
True definition of a man
He is worth it.


My perfect man is my other half ,
We might even breath identically
Great chemistry.
He cares about trust and loyalty
He knows how to communicate properly,
Never yells.
He will never belittle me
Or hold the past against me.
My motive
He understands I’m healing gradually,
He’s Perfect.


I’m use to imperfect men,
I’m used to hurt and I’m aware I shouldn’t be,
I just want to sit quietly with somebody.
The way he looks at me.
His smile,
When I’m with him I feel like a child.
My perfect man,
He makes love a lifestyle
Runs that extra mile,
We are compiled
My perfect man,
He does this freestyle.
Solid Profile
He gets what he wants,
My perfect man he hunts
He’s tough
My perfect man he is all I want.


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