On July 30th..


My eyes flutter 

Open and shut

The dim street lights coming through the bedroom blinds

I can only make out simple silhouettes

What time is it? Is it still night or early morning?

Reaching for my phone I feel the frigid air hit my arms 

I see the goose bumps form right before my eyes and my hairs rise

The bright white light from my phone makes me squint but I can make out the time

3:45 AM

Trying to recall the reason behind me being woken up from my slumber

Suddenly I feel discomfort in my belly




Not quite

It's more like pressure

Yes exactly 

Ignoring it I return to warm sheets and attempt to sleep

For some reason I just can't fall completely asleep

The pressure is just enough to keep me up

Time goes by and it starts to get stronger

Tossing and turning 

Sitting up and laying back down

To my surprise I don't wake up the beast

Again I check the time and it's nearly 7:30AM

At last the beast awakens 

"Are you okay?"

I give a reassuring nod and explain my dilemma

With a quick call to the warden and  a trusty little stopwatch 

We head over to grandmas house

By that time pressure is definitely pain

About every two minutes my eyes were closed shut

Palms sweaty

The car ride to the hospital was scary to say the least

I've read so many negative, nauseating stories

We arrive only to get sent home!

Imagine that

Quick pill down the throat , a shot in the butt and off we go

Thankfully that shot gave me the best sleep of my life

Waking up nearly six hours later

The pain came back with a vengeance and what felt like tongs latched on to my insides

Twisting and  twisting 

Luckily this heaven sent angel ran me a lovely bath 

Soothing the pain quite well

I never wanted to leave

But, the time came and back to the hospital we went

I was checked in faster than I could even think at that point 

Before I knew it I was screaming with pain

Whole body stiff 

In my world this lasted days but in reality it was many long hours

I clearly knew giving up wasn't an option but boy did I want to


After a quick pinch and a lot of tape

oxygen filled my lungs

Peace filled the room and I slept like a baby

When I woke up it was go time

I pushed myself to limits so far beyond me

Replaying all the risks that could happen if I didn't do this right now

There was no time to cry and complain anymore

"That's it! Keep going you're doing great!"

All of a sudden the room is silent 

I hear only my heart beat 

I get handed this tiny 



Wrapped in a somewhat scratchy oddly colored sorry excuse of a blanket

Even your cries are muffled

I've waited so long to hear you and I still can't

My eyes refuse to look at anything else even acknowledge anybody else in this room 

It's all about you

As your cries start to fill my ears and my eyes with tears 

The blurred commotion around us starts to appear

"She's so beautiful."

Is all I manage to get out


  • Author: Desaru (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 19th, 2019 19:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: To my daughter Grace, Momma loves you.
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