As I approach life to feel what's right.

Crafting my inner framework for a head start.

Delighted in fact, to discover something profound

And exploring for possibilities to be eloquent and sound.


We all have different thoughts and actions to make.

Results are not the end, it's about the journey we take.

Living your life with enjoyment, excitement and experiment

Can fulfill your heart with happiness and accomplishment.


  • Goldfinch60

    Super write Camille. The line "Results are not the end, it's about the journey we take" is so meaningful, you are just starting your life while mine is heading into its twilight, my advice will always be enjoy each moment as each moment is special and will never come again.

    Welcome to MPS.

    • camille09

      Thank you sir!

    • Unsub


      there is always a risk with such tight rhyming that the need to rhyme forces words that don't quite fit the theme.

      This is not the case here; superbly rhymed & delivered poem.


      • camille09


        Thank you for reading my poem,


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