Healing Mountain

I found a piece of myself today.
It went missing just last week
when, self-absorbed, I lost my way
on a climb to the snowy peak
that crowns the mountain and greets the day,
a haven that so many seek.


In summer sun and winter snow,
as if called by a mystic voice,
I am drawn from my comfort here below
to a journey that offers no choice.
I cannot resist the mountain's glow
nor the chance to praise and rejoice


in the beauty that lines the difficult route,
soft shadows and contours of stone,
a springtime breeze, meadow flowers that shout
to the heavens in glorious tones.
The soul of the mountain calls the devout
to a place where one can atone


and leave aside all guilt and shame,
be washed in the soft mountain rain.
I found a piece of myself today,
dislodged by merciless pain,
but, now, refreshed on this mountain way,
I'm restored and whole once again.


  • yellowrose

    Really lovely ! I love this . I especially love the third part of this poem ,

  • Goldfinch60

    May the climb up the rest of the mountain be filled with joy and more wonderful words.

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