A distance of a thousand miles

Seems eternities apart

Yet no pain of distance greater 

Than distance of the heart.


  • Unsub


    this makes more sense now as the first time you posted it it had a spelling mistake didn't it? Since nobody else noticed we won't tell anyone where it was.

    Short ode to love if ever I read one. Clever stuff.

    Let me be the first person to welcome you to MPS.



    • benevolentbluebabe

      Ah Keyboards never cooperate anyhow...but thank you for the warm welcome!


      ANGELA HERE ~ GOOD EVENING FRIEND ~ Welcome to MPS and thanks for your FIRST POEM. A perfect LOVE SONG ! Brian is my Fiance and we know the pain of Physical Distance because until recently I was in New Zealand on work experience and BRIAN was in the UK near London (11,500 MILES) Your poem speaks of TWO HEARTS out of sync and that pain really is greater than physical separation. Brian & I have both experienced that in previous relationships. When two hearts beat as ONE - we can bear the pain of Physical Separation ~ OK

      Thanks for your poem ~ more please
      MPS works by reading & commenting on each others POEMS ~ OK.
      Yours ANGELA & BRIAN

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      pain,not far to travel i guess,but still hurts

    • Goldfinch60

      So very true, good write.

      Welcome to MPS.

    • FredPeyer

      Short and true, well written!

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