Advent Approachings

Tune: Veni Emmanuel

('O come, O come, Emmanuel')

Matthew 3 v.1-3 and Isaiah 40 v.3-5


John Baptist came, preaching in Judea

Attend your ears, the message hear

Repent you, for the kingdom sure

Of God is near, e'en at the door



Repent! Repent! The gospel message hear

The time of Christ's return draws near


For this is He that was spoken

Of the prophet Isaiah, one

Who would cry in the wilderness

Turn unto God, He will you bless - Chorus


Prepare you the way of the Lord

And hasten to hear of His word

Make straight in desert a highway

For soon would come salvation's day - Chorus


A highway for our God, He be

Present in Christ His Son, now see

Every valley shall be upraised

The Lord's name worthy to be praised - Chorus


Every mountain hill, shall be made low

Unto the Lord pure worship flow

Crooked places shall be made straight

Rough places be made smooth not late - Chorus


And the glory of the Lord shall

Be revealed and all shall know well

For all humankind they shall see

The Lord has spoken, so it be - Chorus






  • Unsub

    Advent Approachings- indeed. I opened my 1st December dairy milk calendar. Pulled out the large & delicious chunk of chocolate, began to read your hymn, choked & coughed on the chorus as I had to repent my sin of the fact it was actually my daughters advent calendar & id eaten Sunday’s chocolate.

    I repent! Forgive me & please Orchi don’t sing!


    • orchidee

      You said that twice? You eaten tomorrow's chocolate too? Oohh there's worse things than that, I reckon! And worse things than failing giving up chocolate for Lent. There's Purgatory ya know. I don't believe in it, so it's only my idea of it. What is it? Simples - I forgives, but I sings to the unrepentant! lol.

    • Goldfinch60

      If Christ existed as the Son of God and god was this all seeing healer of believers Joyce, who prayed to him all her life, would not now be suffering from this ****ing dementia and is now had to go into hospital over the weekend!!!!

      • orchidee

        Thanks for comments Gold.

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