Aa Harvey

Revolution : Part Two

Revolution : Part Two.



William Blake saw a New World Order.

A revolution, a new way forward.

To feel is to exist and our feelings come before our thoughts;

But anarchy is illegal, you must follow the cardinal rules.



You need a God, to live your lives,

To make you believe, it will turn out alright;

To let you believe, what you think is right.

Well do what you must and release me from life.

Lay me down under the guillotine,

Then let me say goodbye to my wife.

I simply stare into the basket,

Before I float up to the light.



Sacrifice your life, to gain the freedom you should have.

Lay down your life, to make a stand.

Stand in front of the tanks, to stop the armies drones

And hurl the tyrant off of his throne.



Killed for free thinking, they say it's illegal.

Emotion will set you free, but were not allowed to feel.

So we must leave Paris and head for America.

The next big thing; the country of the future.



The beast at the door must be stopped from entering;

The wolf at your tail will make you keep moving.

A time for a pilgrimage and an end to the Empire.

It's time to leave Europe and head to America.



Poetry is expression of thought,

So who are you to tell me I'm wrong?

Every man’s taste is different

And our tastes are not acquirable;

They’re our natural instincts, that are written in our souls.



The great romantics saw life as it should be.

A simpler place where we need not disagree.

Let man speak his mind; let his words become free.

Not silenced under dictatorship; it's not a cardinal sin.



Free thinkers, will lead to your destruction.

They simply won’t follow your every instruction.

The Parisians revolt, because the power has gone to your head;

So they burn down your world and leave you for dead.



Leave France behind, but don't dwell on the past.

Will you sell out?  Or think for yourself?

Write what is in your soul, don't be a cog in the system.

In America they will not sentence you to life in prison,

For writing your thoughts and going against the grain.

The revolution must begin; it is time for a change.



The stench of dead French filled the streets with blood.

Don't let their deaths be worthless; only we can free us.

You imprison yourself by accepting the norm:

The Guillotine, The Executioner, The orders from above.



The French revolution gave writers a voice.

Gave us freedom of speech; gave us freedom of choice.

Gave us freedom of expression and impressionist art.

To revolt is to begin again; to make a new start.



El Liberte; a statue of such a scale.

The light house in the distance; the direction in which to sail.

At last we are free; at last we are home.

Freedom of speech must become the norm.



For you to simply say, Wordsworth is worthless,

Is to simply admit your own ignorance.

To say the encyclopedia is down-right blasphemous,

Is to simply admit your own incompetence.

To execute a writer for saying what he thinks.

To condemn him to death, to execute him,

Is to show how wrong you are

And that a new leader is needed.

The revolutionaries knew the price,

It would take to get our freedom.


But Wordsworth’s 'Mariner' has stood the test of time

And even today, it's still a favorite of mine.



(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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