For the boy that will never love me

You’re the first boy I’ve ever loved and it was all in my head

My stomach caved in with every thought of you

Hoping you would read my mind and tell me everything I wanted you to

This is my hardest goodbye


I’ll always remember your smile when you brushed my hair out of my face

Your nervous laugh when I looked you in the eyes and picked up the pace 

The look in your eyes with every second I undressed

It may have taken a while for things to reveal

But now I know

None of this was real


This is my hardest goodbye because it was my sweetest creation

You were my number one sensation

I was always the girl in between the girls

I made it seem like this didn’t affect my world

But it did, for so many years it did


I am your easiest goodbye because I never even got a hello

Now my love,

it is time for me to let go


Good bye 2016

Good bye Ignus fatuus

Good bye My beautiful secret




  • Jane Frye

    I had a secret love too. For many years, he was the man I compared all other men to. Then one day, many years later, I ran into him and he and I had lunch together. He told me all the things I had wished he had said years ago. My head was spinning and my heart felt like it stopped, but I remained calm on the outside. We were both married and so, I kept my distance. Turns out, I was his secret love too. So you never know. By the way, beautifully written.

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