Fay Slimm.





Love needs itself and nothing more.
Love acts but desires no applause.
Love withstands arrows thrown to hurt.
Love pledges and does not revert.
Love's word becomes a bond forever.
Love rewards its own endeavour.
Love's demonstration never wears thin.
Love does not regret or feel guilt. 
Love believes what it starts has no end.
Love treats each stranger as a friend.
Love showers balm on hearts bled raw.
Love is the foremost power of all.


  • orchidee

    Good write Fay.

    • Fay Slimm.

      My thanks Orchi for your visit and comment.

    • Joker Wood

      I feel it!

      • Fay Slimm.

        So glad you could feel my few humble words on the wonderful gift of Love and thank you for sharing your feelings my friend.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        GOOD EVENING FAY ~ The greatest Human Passion is LOVE ! We were created to LOVE& be LOVED !
        V1. LOVE is supreme and acts unreservedly ~ it is eternal and is its own reward !
        V2. LOVE is consistent & unflappable ~ Love is eternal & embraces Strangers ! Love sure is CATHARTIC ! All these descripters of Love are very important ~ day-by-day ~ in our RELATIONSHIP ~ AMEN ! Thanks for caring & sharing !

        Blessings & Peace & Joy
        LOVE Angela & Brian

        • Fay Slimm.

          Love deserves every poet's words and you decipher the meaning behind the lines so well dear Brian - thanking you loads.

        • Goldfinch60

          So very true Fay, love conquers all.

          • Fay Slimm.

            Yes love certainly does just that dear Andy - - thank you for sharing what you felt from my lines on this wonderful trait which deserves our cultivation.

          • dusk arising

            You have encapsulated many of love's wonders here but i feel there's one big quality of love which is missing - "love hurts".

            Yes, love in all it's guises is the foremost power just as you state. I wish we could prescribe buckets full of it for those who have evil intent in their hearts.

            • Fay Slimm.

              How right you are D.A. and after reading your comment I will attempt to write a sequel to love's powerful ability to ravage the heart - - I have been there and I know - - many thank yous for dropping by and giving us all this needed reminder. Cher sang the song "Love Hurts" at a time I remember so well.........................

            • Suresh

              Love is the strength of the weak -
              - and the weakness of the strong.

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