‘She was asking for it’

My lips say one thing
But you say my clothes say another
My lips scream fuck off
But my shorts and crop top scream fuck me
You can see my shoulders
So I'm definitely asking for it
I shouldn't wear things that scream
the opposite of what I want 
If I put on makeup
So my face is begging you to catcall me
It's all my fault
I smile in your direction
And that means I'm coming onto you
I acknowledge your existed
And that means I think you're attractive
None of that means anything at all.
They are clothes and makeup for God's sake
You go around shirtless
But that doesn't mean you're asking for it
I wear what I want to wear
Clothes and Makeup are ways of expressing yourself
Stop taking that away from girls.


  • Unsub

    just wear your shorts, crop top & make-up & simply stick a finger up to the world.

    Be you; not what you're told to be.

    Nice angry rant! Loved it!

    One thing, men also wear clothes & make-up to express themselves so we shouldn't take that away from them too!


  • Goldfinch60

    You must be yourself and don't worry about what others think. See my poem "Not My Problem" put on here three days ago.
    Good rant though.

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