It Was All a Dream

Dreams are things we WISH

To happen

They never do though.


But what if they did?

What if I just lived a dream,

A 50 minute dream.

Remember all of it,

Because it may not be real.


Remember his face,

Staring at my hand.

His calloused hands

Running over mine.


Remember the way

He looks at me,

His eyes studying my face.


Remember the way

He hugs me,

A warm embrace

I melt into.


Remember all the little details.

Remember the feelings in that moment

The gentle touches.


Remember how the heat of his hand—

Not even touching mine—

Warms my skin.


Remember the way his hands

run across my body.

When he kisses me,

His hands pulling gently at my hair.


Remember those last few kisses,





I try to remember it all

In fine detail.

Because it might all be a dream.

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