Fall leaves

I wish so much I was like the fall leaves because those things are dead 


 I wish people cared enough about me but they don't.


i wish people would see the pain behind my eyes when I say I'm fine. 

I wish I was like the November light at 5 o'clock. Why? Because that's unexistent.


I wish people weren't such bitches and asked how I was for a change.


  I wish people could see that when I laugh and start crying it's because that's my coverup for all the pain that I went through that day. 

I wish I was like the wind. Because that at least is invisible. 

I wish people would see the real hurt when they do something rude instead of the fake laugh. 

Why? Because I wish I were dead. 





    I wish you hadn't writ this,
    When you are just thirteen;
    You don't, at your age, writ things ~
    Writ things that you don't mean!
    It must have been downpouring,
    Written in the rain;
    But when the stormy gales are gone
    The sun comes out again.

    ASJ ~ 2019

    Poetry is a thing that happens when you have so much to say but no one to say it to...... ASJ ~ (a long time ago)

    Tearfully but with kindest regards from Yorkshire, England.....Alan

  • LittleGift

    Hello Jack Eggz,
    It takes a very brave person to open up on how they are feeling. I must say your poem that describes emptiness and turmoil is so very well written, that I can only conclude that at 13 life has indeed been a burden. But in that darkness you Jack Eggz, have just proven how amazing and capable you are at writing true poetry. There are many on here who would look at this piece and wonder how a 13 year old could construct such penwork. writing can take us on a journey of true self discovery. I hope you keep writing Jack, and that you discover through that writing, that you indeed have so much to offer, to teach and to explore. I want to read more from you, so I hope you continue to write. Find strength in doing so and discover as people read your amazing works, that actually, life is in you and it is vibrant and people actually care about what you think and how you feel. I think you are so gifted

    Hope to read more from you soon


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