Mildred Achoch

God versus religion

There is no god

he’s been dying weeks,

put away in some big institution.



He’s a fighter.

He looks it. Strong, quiet

face; a fierce, intent expression.

What a fight He is making against overwhelming odds.


He is a flame,

a torch in the wilderness.


He is freedom.


  • ForeverJesus6

    This could be one of the better poems that I have read in a while.
    Persistence is key

    • Mildred Achoch

      Thank you so much for your comment!

    • orchidee

      That's the problem - or a lot of the problem I think. Confusing Christianity/spirituality with religion. Confusing, as 'religion' is defined as 'a belief in something or someone'.
      Don't get me started on Roman Catholicism....! A few places I wonder: Has God gone to sleep? Does he think 'Oh, not you lot again; I'm going back to bed'?!

      • Mildred Achoch

        Yes there's so much confusion! But thank God He is so patient with us lot :-)

      • Goldfinch60

        I have issues with religious nowadays Mildred, I believe in my god but not the way that organised religions seem to want us to see god.

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