Fear of unknown


Fear of the unknown hindering our progression for the enchanted wonders of this beautiful realm

To Fear is nothing but an imaginary barrier that we built around yourself

Encaged in our comfort zone, fabricated by our sense of vulnerability

This sense of security is but preventing us to outlive our dreams,

In a world filled with possibilities, we are stranded by our negativity

Eliminate our ego to truly understand, how we all are so different and yet the same

Interconnected in so many ways,
we breath the same air,
we feel the same pain,
We fight all our demons to keep them within.


  • orchidee

    A fine write N.

  • Gino

    A great write Nemo,...for we course in comfort without risks, but we can't change the world if were like it...

    • Nemo

      Wow true words 🌹

    • Nicholas Browning

      Very true. We all share similarities, and yet unique differences. We run the same race, yet people are still concerned with tripping up their fellow man. A nice read.

      • Nemo

        True indeed
        Thank you 🌹

      • Fay Slimm.

        How true that we often fear the unknown and put up a barrier to our dearest dreams ........ such truth in your advise to eliminate ego and get on with fighting remaining demons....... great read my friend.

        • Nemo

          Thank you 🌹

        • Poetic Dan

          This is so true for my older age but as a kid once the music got loud and the bottle got drunk, my fear was not my imagination but a reality that sucked. As soon as I felt the time was right I did face that fear, although the demon's never left and followed me here....

          Thanks for the inspiration ;)

          • Nemo

            Hot daum 🔥
            And thank you for reading my work 🌹

          • Goldfinch60

            That fear of the unknown is always with us but as you conquer the unknown, and you do, the experience you gain makes the next unknown easier to conquer.

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