Separation Anxiety

You have went away, a day feels like a week.

I wish you'd come home, my mood has become bleak.

I can't stand waking up alone, everything reminds me of you.

I miss all of the littlest things that you do.

If only I could be there, I understand why you're gone.

Every second becomes an hour, the time goes by so long.

When I watched you pull out and left me behind,

my heart sank to the oceans floor and happiness I couldn't find.

Sometimes I feel you're never coming back, but I know that's definitely not true.

I've tried to get you off my mind,

but my heart only wants you.

I sit here waiting impatiently, hoping you're doing just fine.

Just promise me when you come home you'll stay here and be mine.

I miss you so much and you're all that I think.

Ive cried so hard everyday, you could see my face turn red and pink.

I know I seem obsessive and I know I look really wack, but all I truly want is for the love of my life to come back.


  • Goldfinch60

    That love will always be there and you will be back together soon once his dad has got better.

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